Your Cosplay Haven, Come Build With Us

  • Superman4:28
  • Jurassic Park5:24
  • Hook4:12
  • Rocketeer6:58
  • RobinHood8:27
  • Harry's Wondrous World5:02
  • August's Rhapsody7:37
  • Up Is Down2:42



We Create Theatre Magic

Fabrication begins on our 

props. Very soon you will be able to rent the magic that we all so love to see on stage. Our props are elite and offer more effects than any other you might run across!  We begin with Arkham Origins Batman,  and Loki's Scepter! 

Rentals Coming Soon

Our Services

  • ​We fabricate, sell and rent  props and set pieces from both the Theatre World and from any  Cosplay Universe  

  • We sell theatrical audition materials and related performance items 

  • We market for theatres, business, and individuals

  • We provide the tools that are too: large, expensive, or impractical to help you fabricate your own cosplay costumes and props  via a membership service                       
  • ​We are the only place in town to have all your      comic bookmanga & anime,  cosplay  and movie items in one place                                                                      
  • We sell theatre memorabilia and collectables


  • ​We have a friendly and enthusiastic community environment with experts on fabrication to assist you